Ministries at BBC in Victorville, CA

Sunday School Classes


Children's Classes and Childcare

Children's Sunday School Classes at Bible Baptist Church in Victorville, CA
Every time young children come to our church, they are taught from the Bible. The smallest babies hear the comforting words, "Jesus loves you." Older twos begin to hear simplified Bible stories as they eat a snack. Older Pre-Ks hear complete Bible stories and related verses. We believe that we have great opportunities to use Bible songs, verses, stories, pictures and related activities with young children to make Bible learning fun and exciting.
Childcare is available for children age 4 and under on Sunday evenings at 6:45 pm for the evening worship service. On Wednesday evenings, childcare is provided from 6:45 pm for children ages 3 and under (ages 4 and above attend King's Kids flyers club). Extended childcare is also available for children whose parents attend Adult Choir Practice at 3:30 pm on Sunday afternoon.


Nursery Director: Mrs. Tracy Pollard
Our Nursery is for kids up to two-years-old. To the best of our ability, we will create a safe, secure, loving atmosphere for children, while parents attend their Sunday School Class or the Morning Worship Service. We also offer childcare for children through age 5 on Sunday evenings at 6:45 pm for the Evening Worship Service. On Wednesday evenings, childcare and our King's Kids program are provided at 6:45 pm for all children through sixth grade.

2 Year-Old Class

Teacher: Mrs. Kelli Papiernik
The two-year-old class is for children ages two to three. This class provides a little more structure and a transitional area for children between the ages two to three. The focus of this class is to nurture, love and play with these children while presenting them with an age-appropriate Bible lesson.

3 Year-Old Class

Teacher: Mrs. Vickie Davalos
The 3-year-old class builds on the foundation established by the 2-year-old class. They will begin to hear complete Bible stories and related verses. We use Bible songs, verses, stories, pictures, and related activities to help make Bible learning fun and exciting.


Teacher: Mrs. Cassie Miller
The Preschool Class teaches Bible stories through crafts, storytelling, and play. We continue to build "precept upon precept" in an effort to establish a firm foundation for their grade school classes."


Teacher: Mrs. Carol Jellema
The Kindergarten Class will continue to use crafts and storytelling, but the child will begin to put the story together more for themselves. We begin to focus more on real-life applications and teach that God is relevant to every area of our lives.

First Grade

Teachers: Nat and Nancy Bemis
The first grade teachers will continue to build upon the foundations laid down in the preschool and kindergarten classes. They will begin to test their students' understanding of the material taught.

Second Grade

Teacher: Mr. Andy Papiernik
The second grade class continues to focus on student's understanding what they are taught, but they begin to encourage them to obey and follow what they are learning on a daily basis. Bible knowledge and use are strengthened in this class.

Third Grade

Teachers: David and Vivian Pooler
Students in third grade begin to "travel through the Bible" and see the plan of God unfold throughout the entire Word of God. Through this class, they will have their faith and trust strengthened in God and will have opportunities to respond to God in personal ways.

Fourth Grade

Teacher: Mr. Michael Miller
The fourth grade class continues the students' journey through the Bible. They will continue to see the plan of God unfold in the pages of Scripture. Students will again have increased opportunities to respond to God and exhibit their faith in Him.

Fifth and Sixth Grade

Teachers: Dean and Tracy Pollard
This class teaches students how to daily live out their faith. They are taught how to study and respond to the Bible. This class allows students an opportunity to learn how to live like Christ.